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No External Power Source Needed - Model 43AL Two-wire Digital Meter

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43alThe model 43AL is a 1/32 DIN size, 3 1/2 digit, DC current input digital panel meter. It taps its operating power from a 4-20 mA input signal, so it is just as simple as inserting the meter into any section of the current loop to monitor the signal. This is especially beneficial in locations where no power source is available, such as a remote outdoor site (e.g. tank yard).

The 10.16 mm high LED is highly legible even without auxiliary power source.

The display range can be scaled to represent engineering units such as temperature, level and flow volume: the zero offset can be adjusted within ±200, the full-scale range can be adjusted within 100 and 1999 with movable decimal point positions.

The 43AL conforms to the EU's EMC Directive and is approved by UL for non-hazardous locations.

The model 6BX-E Outdoor Enclosure is available for installing the 443AL outside. A dedicated mounting bracket assembly is optional to mount it on a 2-inch pipe.

LED 10.16 mm (.4") ,
7-segment, red
Number of display digits 3 1/2
Maximum display range 1999
Scaling, Zero ±200 counts
Scaling, Span 100 to 1999 counts
Decimal point position 3 positions selectable with internal DIP SW behind the cover
Input signal 4-20 mAdc
Voltage drop at 4 mA 5.0 V
Voltage drop at 20 mA 5.3 V
Environmental protection IP 20
Safety approval UL
Conformed CE directive EMC
Environmental protection IP 65, NEMA 4X
Safety approval N/A



43al + 6bx-eThe standard die-cast aluminum case, coated with epoxy resin, which has resistance against corrosion or heat, is suitable not only for normal environments but also hard environments such as coastal areas. For harsher environments, a stainless steel case is optional. Both types of enclosures have excellent environmental protection equivalent to IP 65 and NEMA 4X. Though the 43AL with the 6BX-E is not approved for explosive locations, its protection is more than enough for use in most other locations.

When installing the 43AL inside the 6BX-E, the Adaptor Plate A-35 is convenient. The plate can be shipped with a terminal block to facilitate the input wiring to the 43AL.

43al Schematic

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Advanced Calibration Designs is pleased to introduce the VersaCal. The VersaCal provides state of the art technology allowing ammonia calibration gas generation utilizing a stable and reliable medium. The VersaCal allows the ammonia concentration to be changed within the range of the vial, and three vial concentrations allow a total range from 10 to 250 ppm. 

The VersaCal utilizes a small, disposable vial with a known liquid concentration of the gas to be generated. This vial emits a small quantity of gas when placed in the VersaCal. A photoionization detector (PID) and mass flow controller are used in a process control circuit, allowing precise control of the calibration gas output. Simply select the concentration desired and the instrument does the rest. 


For continuous monitoring of ammonia in water and
wastewater streams


  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Potable Water Treatment
  • River and Stream Water Quality
  • Refrigeration Chillers

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The Series F12 Gas Transmitter is an Intrinsically Safe (IS) version of ATI's explosion-proof D12 transmitter. It is well suited for all general purpose applications where toxic gas measurement is required. For general purpose gas detection applications, the F12 transmitter is also available in Non-IS versions.

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