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Toxic and combustible gas detectors and monitors. Water quality monitors such as pH,
 conductivity, residual chlorine, dissolved Oxygen and particle counters.

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1505 Heather Glen Road
Kannapolis, NC 28081
Phone: (704)784-4674
Toll Free: 1-877-NEALSYS
Email: sales@nsicarolina.com

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Portable gas generators for calibration and "bump" testing of toxic gas detectors.

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Portable and stationary (refrigerated) fluid samplers for composite or discrete sampling of non-toxic or toxic liquids.

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MTL offers intrinsic safety, surge, signal conditioners, HART, and other products for all your industrial applications.

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Water, waste water and environmental process control. Packaged solutions for measurement and control of pressure, level and flow applications.

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Extensive range of multi-power monitors, signal conditioners, isolators, limit alarms, power transducers, electronic valve actuators, computation modules, lightning arrestors, panel mount paperless chart recorders and remote I/O.

October 2012 Newsletter

NEW - Panel Meter on Products Page

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Comprehensive line of PID and fuzzy logic controllers, recorders ultrasonic flow meters, panel meters, timers, SSR's and auxiliary products. Self-Tuning Temperature/Process Controller with Improved, Larger LED Display.

We are also a proud member of the
Carolina Piedmont Section (Charlotte, NC).